The idea behind HomeRenter

HomeRenter is the brainchild of Sean Quinn and Jim Thomas, two relative veterans of the London, and indeed, UK property scene. Sean, a lawyer by training, set up his original property company, Q Developments, in summer 1996 back when The Lightening Seeds ‘Three Lions’ has been number one for 3 weeks.

Jim, realising Sean was onto something with the career switch thing, decided to call time on his initial foray into media with Channel 4 and join to run the ops side of the business.

To date, via Q Developments and their various sister companies, the duo have constructed countless homes of all shapes and sizes for Londoners and, somewhere along the way, built an investment portfolio of over seventy rental properties across the UK. So they know a thing or two about the challenges of being portfolio landlords, but more importantly the lettings market at large.

It was this first hand experience of an outdated industry that prompted Sean and Jim to create an online marketplace that cuts out the traditional agent. They pitched the original concept, originally code-named The Opendoor, to an in-house, early stage investment team at Trinity Mirror plc and duly picked up both the publisher as a Seed round investor and a project CEO in shape of Will.

Together they’ve built a team of passionate private landlords and London renters all motivated by a shared mission to create a more equitable rental experience for tenants and landlords alike.

So what does HomeRenter stand for?

At HomeRenter we believe the traditional lettings model is broken and unfair to tenants and landlords alike; tenants are sick and tired of property searches that feel like wild goose chases and culminate in rip-off ‘admin’ fees; whilst on the other side of the fence, landlords get poor value and service from existing agents, not to mention a tough ride from the press and Government.

What’s more, contrary to received opinion, we believe the rental market works best when you remove the middleman and allow property owners and renters to connect directly and operate in harmony.

This is why we’ve set ourselves the aim of creating a fairer, more equitable online marketplace for UK’s private landlords and renters. So, at HomeRenter whilst we equally know Rome wasn’t built in a day, we’re empowering landlords to find tenants, agree lease agreements and manage their properties online via a one-stop-shop at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional agents.

And, it’s why we don’t charge HomeRenter tenants any admin fees whatsoever but do provide them with the chance to search for future rentals on the cusp of going live and reserve these properties ahead of the chasing crowd.

We hope you like the first version of the product and we can assure you we have plenty more ideas to put a smile on the face of tenants and landlords alike, waiting in the wings. In the meanwhile, we’d love to know your feedback on any aspect of the site (whether you love it or hate it); feedback@homerenter.co.uk